TeePee Farm
                            2702 County Line Rd.
                            Holley, New York
                                                                     (585) 764-5777
                    Member of                                                 
  A.B.G.A.         E.S.M.G.P.A.
New York Natural Chevon, LLC

 Pride of New York
At present we have 80 Boer and Boer cross does and five Fullblood bucks, we are
expanding and hope to have about 100 does by this time next year.

  •  We've been in business for over 40 years
  •  We've raised rabbits, dairy goats, cattle,hogs
    and many types of fowl      
Our most recent activities include :
                  basket weaving, making goat milk soap,
raising                                                            culinary herbs, and Boer goats
A Little About What We Do
We sell our products(herbs, onions, garlic, various greens) at the Rochester
Public Market and have on farm sales as well